Edge Rank Explained

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Let’s Work Together As A Team !

      Set Your Sails! We Navigate The Rest! A happy life starts with the freedom to pursue your dreams. With Profit Clicking you’ll never have to captain choppy financial waters to earn the cash you need. Steer yourself towards our unique traffic exchange system, which boosts business owners into the spotlight, while our [...]

The Ultimate List Building Solution

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WordPress Beginners Course

Wordpress Basics is a short video course showing you how to set up a Wordpress blog.

Top IM Niche Solo Ad Providers

In the IM niche there are so many solo ad providers, any Google search will bring up hundreds. You get what you pay for really, going to Fiverr and getting 5 solos for $5 is not going to be of any use in building a good responsive list. In most cases the clicks are sent [...]

Social Media And SEO

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WP Conversion Tracker Plugin

WP Conversion Tracker is a simple to set up plugin for any Wordpress Blog

Quick Cash for Emergencies

There seem to be no single person in this world today who is without a need for quick cash every now and then which is why knowing how to address this probability is a need for everyone. If you are wishing for useful information and tips on how to deal with financial or monetary crisis [...]

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Free Google Indexing In Record Time

One of the problems when you buy a new domain and set up a new site is it’s pot luck how quickly Google will index it.  It often takes weeks before you see Google has got around to finding it and this is such a waste when this doesn’t need to be the case.  Now [...]

301 Redirect Purpose and How To Set Up

301 Redirects and Search Engine Optimization There are multiple reasons to redirect URLs. For one, your web pages may have moved but their old URLs may still live in users’ bookmarks or in search engine indexes. Without implementing some sort or redirection, that traffic would be lost to a 404 Error Page. On occasions, you [...]

Internet Marketing vs Old School Thinking

Many of us who started work thirty years ago, still often believed we would likely remain with the same company until our retirement.  That time now seems a distant memory, at least for the vast majority of us.  The last 30 years has seen the western world move from a manufacturing economy to one where [...]

Advanced Word Press Training

As a user of WordPress I have had to find out how to use it,  some questions I always get are.. How do I change the link colors? I want to put a different graphic in my header! How can I play with the CSS code without a huge learning curve? Can I post to [...]

Article Marketing Changes

Article marketing has been for many years a great way to generate traffic for your website, blog or affiliate program.  Writing a good article with great content is the key to success with article marketing. It’s not the quantity of articles, but the quality that’s important and this will become more evident later this year. [...]

See If Your Website Can Be Viewed On A Mobile Phone

This week I have been looking at mobile phone marketing. The cell phone market is huge and the growth of the 3G platform is making web searching easier than ever before.  So how do you use this technology to market your business? You may already have an online presence in the form of a website, [...]

ForexYard daily video brings you the latest forex news by video.

ForexYard daily video brings you the latest forex news video, technical analysis and will keep you up to date with informative and exciting forex news. Get fresh content on Gold Trading, Crude Oil Trading, and Foreign Exchange rates. Social Bookmarking Tweet This Post

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